Car LED display has become a flowing scenery in Kaifeng City, Henan Province

It is reported that many taxis in Kaifeng City, Henan Province, have been equipped with LED electronic display screens on their roofs, which has become a flowing and beautiful scenic line in urban traffic.

Kaifeng Unicom learned that in order to implement the strategic cooperation framework agreement signed by the municipal government and Henan Unicom, Kaifeng Unicom cooperated closely with Kaifeng transportation department, invested 4 million yuan to install the roof LED electronic display system for 2300 taxis in our city. The system is connected with China Unicom GPRS positioning system and public security mutual aid system platform. When taxi drivers and passengers encounter unsafe situations such as robbery, as long as the anti-theft button is pressed, the on-board LED display will immediately display “I am robbed, please call the police” and other alarm information. The system can also dynamically monitor the specific location of taxis and vehicle related conditions, which will greatly maintain the safety of drivers and passengers. At the same time, it has also increased 2300 mobile alarm points for the public, which will play an important role in maintaining the social security of our city.

By the end of July, nearly 300 taxis in Kaifeng will be equipped with on-board LED displays. By the end of this year, all taxis in Kaifeng will be equipped with on-board LED display.

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