Brief analysis: characteristics of LED display panel luminous material

In 1968, HP company produced red LED display lights (wavelength 660nm), & nbsp; and then came yellow green (wavelength

570nm), blue (wavelength 470nm) and pure green (wavelength 525nm) that can be used for display screens. However, the

manufacturing technology of high brightness blue and pure green semiconductors is mainly controlled by a few companies

such as Japan and the United States, resulting in high priceThere are several kinds of LED luminescent materials used in LED

display screen

① LED display light (or single lamp)

Generally, it is composed of a single LED display chip, reflective bowl, metal anode and metal cathode, and is wrapped with epoxy

resin shell with light transmission and concentration ability. One or more single lights (different colors) can be used to form a basic

pixel. Due to its high brightness, it is mostly used for outdoor LED display.

② LED display lattice module

The luminescent matrix is composed of several wafers and encapsulated in a plastic shell with epoxy resin. Suitable for row and

column scanning drive, easy to form high-density LED display, mostly used for indoor LED display.

③ SMD LED display light (or SMD LED)

It can be used for indoor full-color LED display. It can realize single point maintenance and effectively overcome mosaic


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