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88 квадратных метраў адкрыты воданепранікальны святлодыёдны дысплей P5 пастаўляецца ў Албанію

Вонкавы святлодыёдны экран p5

88 квадратных метраў P5 адкрыты воданепранікальныя святлодыёдныя сцены пабудаваны і сабраны, packed and then shipped to Albania.This P5 outdoor led wall uses Nationstar led lamps and ICN2153 IC to have good refresh rate.

p5 led panel p5 outdoor led wall P5 led screens

На адкрытым паветры fixed led display P5, with 320x160mm led модуляў, 960x960mm led cabinet, high brightness and high resolution to display great images and videos. Features of P5 Outdoor LED Panel: 1. Высокая яркасць: With Kinglight and Nationstar, to ensure the led lamp quality

128 кв.м святлодыёдная сцяна P3.91 для Тайланда праходзіць праверку на ўзрост

Арэнда святлодыёднага дысплея p3.91 у памяшканні (1)

Кліент з Тайланда замовіў больш чым 128 sqm P3.91 indoor rental led wall for the events show.

P3.91 Indoor Rental Святлодыёдны дысплей offers stunning definition, contrast and color reproduction that present crystal-clear pictures in every condition. The displays are widely used for bank, этап, concert, гасцініца, вакзал. Perfect calibration between brightness and chromatically delivers best picture quality at every place.

Арэнда святлодыёднага дысплея p3.91 у памяшканні (1)

Арэнда святлодыёднага дысплея p3.91 у памяшканні (2)

Full Color LED Display Module with size 250x250mm for indoor,mostly for rental design cabinet size 500x500mm or 500x1000mm

Асаблівасці прадукту:

1.SMD2121 black body leds ensure high contrast ratio,высокая шкала шэрага,good performance

2.SMD 3 IN 1 technology confirm wide view angle,light weight and low power consumption

3. High resolution modules and small pixel pitch makes closed view distance and high definition,good vision effect.

3. 250x250mm module size easy to assemble panel size 500x500mm or 500x1000mm for rental use or permanent fixed for advertising, suit for indoor and outdoor P3.91,P4.81,P6.25

4. Also can be assembled on a iron frame with magnets,don’t need cabinets, easy to install and front access maintenance,save much cost for cabinets and transportation

5. Slim thickness, light weight,easy to move and transporting

6. Exquisite and tastful appearance due to structural wire layout

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