Application of full color LED display in military field

At present, compared with the core patents of DLP and LCD splicing in the hands of foreign brands, China is in a leading position in the field of small spacing LED display, and has mastered a complete set of technical solutions, which is also the application advantage of small spacing LED display in the whole country.

When it comes to military products, many people’s first impression is “high quality” and “advanced technology”. In the public impression, military products have always been synonymous with “quality” and “technology”. But in recent years, the state has transferred military equipment and personnel to civilian production areas. With the opening of non-public economy to the military market, the boundary between military products and civilian products is more and more blurred. The small space full-color LED display screen, which was born in the era of market economy, is more like a difference between the two markets. In addition to higher quality requirements for military products, there is one other aspect. In fact, the products of ordinary people are not very different.

China has a vast territory and complex terrain and climate. From the Qinghai Tibet Plateau to the hilly areas of South China, the vast area and great environmental differences also lead to the concentration of LED display quality requirements in different regions, such as the southern coastal areas. The requirements of salt resistance, alkali corrosion and humidity are high. In the Gobi desert area, heat dissipation is the main problem. Therefore, how to meet the different emphasis on weatherability in different regions is the key issue for each enterprise to enter the military market.

Due to the particularity of military materials, the military procurement requirements for LED display screen are not sensitive to the price, but the requirements for quality and weather resistance are high. This also means that the threshold to enter the military LED display market will be far higher than that in the civilian field. The quality of “high standard and strict requirements” also means that not all relevant enterprises can occupy a place in the military market. Any enterprise that wants to occupy a place in the military market must vigorously enhance its comprehensive strength, product competitiveness and brand communication effectiveness. Otherwise, it will not only lose the huge potential market, but also lose its influence in the high-end application market.

With the continuous advancement of China’s military modernization, LED display screen is more and more widely used in military construction. Military training, military exercises, daily military training and command operations are playing an increasingly important role. At the same time, the construction of national defense informatization is also developing rapidly. The application market of small spacing LED display has added new positioning. Taking the command center as an example, as the “brain” of the army in wartime, the command center undertakes the important tasks of information concentration, processing and command. It requires a high degree of confidentiality of information. Therefore, the electronic equipment used in the command center must be fully localized.

The reason why small space full-color LED display screen has been rapidly promoted in military engineering all over the world is that it has nothing to do with the high localization of related products, except for the physical properties such as wide brightness range, flexible application and seamless. Technology. The reason why small spacing LED display can be highly localized is also related to the military. Team use is indivisible. Reviewing the development of small spacing LED display, the earliest application scenario of small spacing LED display is in each command center. Due to the immature technology, the early small spacing LED display can not be put into production on a large scale. The price is as high as several hundred thousand yuan per square meter, which is difficult to accept in the civil market. It is precisely because the army’s demand for information security and quality is higher than the demand for price, which makes the small spacing LED display technology develop smoothly. Based on the military market, it will gradually improve and develop, and gradually extend to the civilian market.

defense. In recent years, a large number of cases have been accumulated in the military field, such as the application of Zhou Ming utv2.5 small spacing led in a military command center of Xinjiang Military Region, and the application of photoelectric pH2.5 small spacing led in conferences. Room 1 of Chinese people’s Liberation Army; application of LYD p1.667 small spacing led in Shijiazhuang military ginseng. The application of Mou college, Cai Yida ph1.9 small spacing led in Beijing General Staff Headquarters, Dongshan precision p1.667 small spacing LED application in Nanjing Military Region conference room, Sansi 1.6mm small spacing LED application in Xichang Satellite Lite launch center, etc

For a long time, some LED display enterprises in China are satisfied with the price war and seize the market with low prices. Therefore, the pursuit of entering the military market can change the long-term emphasis on low price, ignore product quality, broaden ideas and broaden vision. On the other hand, it can also help enterprises build products. Brand influence and eliminating some inferior enterprises in the market selection will contribute to the healthy development of the industry. In the future, with the continuous improvement of military equipment localization, the application of LED display screen, especially small spacing LED display screen, will usher in a broader application space in the field of military products.

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